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Woods End’s agrichemical fate and effects lab is designed to develop half-life kinetic charts for test substances undergoing soil and compost biodegradation; to apply this information to dose-response bioassays; and to report risk levels associated with label and max-lab application rates. The principle agents that we are skilled to evaluate are auxin-mimic herbicides.

  1. Post-depuration bioassay tests;
  2. Composting half-life kinetics;
  3. 2nd-life incorporation in growing media;
  4. Soil incorporation dissipation;
  5. Field spray plot dissipation half-life.

The outcome of the evaluation includes but is not limited to : half-life kinetics, absence of plant symptomology; TC25 / TC50 bio-assay results.

Firms and organizations that have employed our studies include DowAgroSciences, DuPont, Syngenta and the USAEC, among others.


COMPOST CARRY-OVER: Four compost facilities are identified with low to high herbicide impact.


FIELD DISSIPATION: After application of normal and max-label rates, new herbicides are examined for dissipation over 1 year


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