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Biogas Methane Potential

biogas potential

Eudiometers in the lab provide controlled digestion to reveal total biogas and methane quality. Results are possible within 21 days.

Biogas methane potential or “BMP” can be determined in the lab with glass eudiometers specially designed by Woods End labs to capture anaerobic gas volumetrically. These runs typically require 21-days, with a one-week pre-analysis stage to determine standard loading rates to determine biogas production. A minimum of 4 samples is required to perform any run.

The result is a report which will aid farmers and engineers in designing and scaling biogas facilities.

The Bio-Laboratory: A well-equipped bio laboratory to perform screening of materials, routine biogas-production runs (lab and pilot scale), gas quality analysis, and digestate stability and end-use tests. The staff have experience in a variety of methane projects nationwide. Woods End is also experienced in comparing liquid and “dry-fermentation” systems for manures, food scraps, energy crops, silage, DDGS and other “green by-products”.

Each test of a material results in a chart showing energy traits and a comparison to hundreds of other materials previously analysed.


  • METHOD Reference>
    § ÖNORM S 2027-3. Stabilitätsparameter zur Beurteilung von mechanisch-biologisch
    vorbehandelten Abfällen: Gasbildung im Gärtest (GB21) ( Standard BMP Method).
  • Samples not accepted without a testing contract in advance and a commitment of a minimum of 4 samples.

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