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Selected Papers and Reports – (Peer-reviewed and popular journals)

Studies on Soils, Composts and Manure.  Principle Investigator /Author / Joint Author: W Brinton

Author(s) – Date

Title of Paper or Article or Interview

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Jeong K, Nelson P, Brinton W, Niedziela C, Fonteno W 2016 Physical Properties of Peat-based Substrates Amended with a Mature Dairy Cow Manure Compost Before and After Plant Cultivation Click Here
Brinton, W. 2015 Farming the CO2 Factor Click Here
Brinton, W.; Schwarz, M.; Bonhotal, J.; Harrison, E.; Storms, P. 2015 Effectiveness of Composting Road-Killed Deer In New York State Click Here
Brinton, W.; Bonhotal, J.; Fiesinger, T. 2012 Compost Sampling for Nutrient and Quality Parameters: Variability of Sampler, Timing and Pile Depth Click Here
Jeong, K.Y., P. Nelson, J Frantz, and W. Brinton  2011 Impact of dairy manure on pH management and physical properties of soilless substrate Click Here
Reganold, J.; Carpenter-Boggs, L.; Reeve, J. Brinton, W. 2010 Influence of biodynamic preparations on compost development and resultant compost extracts on wheat seedling  growth Click Here
Brinton, W.; Storms, P.; Blewett, C. 2009 Occurrence and Levels of Fecal Indicators and Pathogenic Bacteria in Market-Ready Recycled Organic Matter Composts Click Here
Brinton, W.; Evans, E.; Blewett, C. 2008 Extractability, Plant Yield and Toxicity Thresholds for Boron in Compost Click Here
Brinton, W. 2008 What’s Your Compost Energy Index? Click Here
Haney, R.; Brinton, W.; Evans, E. 2008 Soil CO2 respiration: Comparison of chemical titration, CO2 IRGA Analysis and the Solvita gel system Click Here
Brinton, W.; Trankner, A. 2007 Compost Practices for Control of Grape Powdery Mildew Click Here
Brinton, W.;  2007 Significance of Stability-Maturity Testing and Plant Bioassays to Assess Composts for Inclusion in Soil Building Projects Click Here
Brinton, W.; Evans, E.  2006 Monitoring Carbon-Dioxide and Ammonia from Composts by Use of Solvita Digital Colour Reader Click Here
Brinton, W. 2006 Compatibility of Digestion and Composting Click Here
Brinton, W.; Evans, E.; Blewett, T.C. 2006 Reliability of Bioassay Tests to Indicate Herbicide Residues in Compost of Varying Salinity and Herbicide Levels Click Here
Brinton, W.; Evans, E.; Blewett, T.C.; 2005 Herbicide Residues in Composts: pH and Salinity Affect the Growth of Bioassay Plants  Click Here
Brinton, W. 2005 Characterization of Man-Made Foreign Matter and its Presence in Multiple Size Fractions From Mixed Waste Composting Click Here
Brinton, W. 2004 Complexity and Charade in the World of Soil Microbes: A Plea for Balance Click Here
Brinton, W.; York, A. 2003 Sustainable Composting in the Vineyard Part I Click Here
Brinton, W.; York, A. 2003 Sustainable Composting in the Vineyard Part II Click Here
Brinton, W. 2002 Earth, Plant and Compost Click Here
Brinton, W.; Evans, E. 2002 Plant Performance in Relation to Oxygen Depletion, CO2-Rate and Volatile Fatty Acids in Container Media Composts of Varying Maturity Click Here
Brinton, W. 2001 Science, Sustainability and Organic Practice Click Here
Brinton, W. 2001 An International Look At Compost Standards Click Here
Brinton, W. 2000 Compost Quality Standards & Guidelines Click Here
Brinton, W.1998 Living Soil, Living Carbon Click Here
Brinton, W.; Trankner, A.; Droffner, M. 1996 Investigations Into Liquid Compost Extracts Click Here
Brinton, W.; Droffner, M. 1996 Occurance and Detection of Viable Listeria in Food Scrap Compost Click Here
Brinton, W. 1996 Volatile Organic Acids In Compost: Production and Odorant Aspects Click Here
Brinton, W.; Evans, E. Droffner, M.; Brinton, R. 1995 Standarized Test for Evaluation of Compost Self Heating Click Here
Brinton, W.; Evans, E.; Droffner, M. 1995 Evidence for the Prominence of Well Characterized Mesophilic Bacteria in Thermophilic Composting Environments Click Here
Brinton, W.; Seekins, M. 1994 Evaluation of Farm Plot Conditions and Effects of Fish Scrap Compost on Yield and Mineral Composition of Field Grown Maize Click Here
Brinton, W. 1994 Environmentalism vs Technology: Conflict or Unity? Click Here
Brinton, W.; Droffner, M. 1994 Microbial Approaches to Characterization of Composting Processes Click Here
Brinton, W. 1994 Contaminated Soil Composting: Amendment Selection and Process Monitoring Click Here
Brinton, W. 1992 Composting and Regeneration Click Here
Brinton, W. 1991 Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH) in Paper Bedding: Compostability, Health Risks and Bio-Degradation Click Here
Wall Street Journal 1991 At Café Brinton, Today’s Special is Chicken a la Sawdust Click Here
Brinton, W. 1990 Composting Potato Culls and Potato Processing Waste Click Here
Biocycle 1990 A New Sense of Quality Comes to Compost Click Here
Brinton, W. (ed) 1989 Green Manuring, Principles and Practice of Natural Soil Improvement Click Here
Brinton, W.; Seekins, M.D. 1988 Composting Fish By-Products – A Feasibility Study Click Here
Brinton, W.; Tresemer, D. 1986 Organic-Based Growing Media Click Here
Brinton, W. 1985 Nitrogen Response of Maize to Fresh and Composted Manure Click Here
Brinton, W. 1983 In Pursuit of the Better Soil Test Click Here
Brinton, W. 1981 How Conventional and Organic Farming Methods Compare Click Here
Brinton, W. 1979 The Effect of Different Fertilizer Treatments on Humus Quality Click Here
Brinton, W. 1978 Growth and Development in Soybeans in Relation to Soil Nitrogen Source Click Here
Brinton, W. 1977 Grains and Moisture- A Survey of Microbiological Storage Hazards Click Here
Brinton, W. 1976 Manure Management – The Danish Rasmussen Model Click Here

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